Ayeza Khan real name revealed by husband Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor has just revealed the real name of wife Ayeza Khan in a recent interview where he was talking about he proposed to the Mere Paas Tum Ho Actress.

Ayeza Khan Danish Taimoor
Danish Taimoor reveals Ayeza Khan’s real name in an interview telling how he proposed to her.

Danish Taimoor said:

Before meeting Ayeza, a girl wanted to marry me but it was not possible because I was studying at that time, therefore, I refused her.

further adding:

When I refused, the girl asked me, ‘do you love any other lady?’ Over this I said yes and her name is Kinza.

And interestingly, Ayeza Khan’s real name is also Kinza and I got married to her,

He continued saying that he was in love with Ayeza and the only one he never flirted with saying:

I was in love with Ayeza. She is the only lady I did not flirt with.

I did not ask Ayeza for dating or day out. I directly asked her to marry me,

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He also revealed that the two started talking on Orkut which was a social media network owned by Google and quite similar to Facebook back in the day.

Ayeza Khan Danish Taimoor
Ayeza Khan.

He said that after talking to her he soon realized that Ayeza Khan was a mature lady and decided to marry her.

The acting duo got married back in 2014 and have two children named Rayan Taimoor and Hoorain Taimoor.

According to some sources, The acting duo are said to star together in an upcoming drama serial according to Abdullah Kadwani who is the co producer of the project which is expected to hit screens in the first quarter of 2020.

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