Biohackers, a twisted Netflix German series drops tomorrow

Forthcoming Sci-fi Crime thriller Biohackers, most awaited and broached series of Netflix is ready for its release. The first season comprised of 6 episodes of Biohackers will be premiered on Netflix on August 20th (Tomorrow).

Biohackers Netflix, Netflix Biohackers
Biohackers, a twisted German series releases tomorrow.

After the worldwide success of mystifying time-travel German series DARK, modish Germany based Netflix Originals Biohackers is just around the corner. Likewise the previous thriller DARK, upcoming Biohackers is another one of the mind-twister, as it left viewers flummoxed and avid with its captivating trailer. However, Biohackers is free from time-traveling plots and more focused on suspense and puzzling medicine world.

Created by Christian Ditter, Biohackers is a sneak peek into the world of Bio hacking, that is the manipulation of human body for optimized performance and health. The series is focused on medical breakthroughs in bio hacking, followed by many game-changing discoveries that will be revealed in Netflix’s Biohackers.

Netflix series Biohackers storyline:

“Let’s talk about the future. Synthetic biology has turned us from creatures to creators.”

The exhilarating mind-bender Biohackers takes us to the world of genetics and human-body experiments. Nevertheless, this seemingly normal world is wrapped with darkness that is to be discovered through the eyes of young student Mia.

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Mia, a young college girl initiates her medical degree at elite German university; however she has a motive and hiding an immense secret. Apparently usual student Mia is intentionally there to seek revenge, that too from a topnotch Biology professor Lorenz.

Moreover, from the trailers of Biohackers it is assumed that Mia and Professor Lorenz shares a deep connection that is linked to Mia’s family tragedy. Though the past sins and secrets will be revealed in the first season of Biohackers releasing tomorrow on Netflix.

The official Netflix Synopsis reads,

“When Mia begins her medical degree, she seems like any other student. But when she gains the trust of the brilliant Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), it becomes apparent that she’s hiding a secret so big it could change the fate of humanity.”

Netflix Series Biohackers Cast:

Luna Wedler leads the cast of Biohackers as genius young girl Mia, accompanied by Jessica Schwartz as the notoriously brilliant biology professor Lorenz. Moreover, Adrian Julius portrays the essential character of a mysterious fellow student.

Other co-stars in pivotal roles are Thomas Prenn, Jing Xiang and Sebastian Jakob.

Also, the significant role of Mia’s roommate is adopted by Caro Cult.

Caro Cult, gave an insight of her character in an interview, saying, “My character in Biohackers is usually the one who’s not into bio hacking. “She’s a powerful woman who is very strong and brings a lot of the liberal feminist side to the series. She’s also super free and funny and just lives the life she wanted to live and goes with the flow.”

Cult also revealed a bit of the series’ timeline, she stated, “Biohackers is a series about bio hacking. It’s about roommates who live in Freiburg, which is a town where a lot of students live. And they are all super-geniuses in biology and medicine and it gets a bit tricky because people who are into bio hacking start to try stuff out on their own bodies. So it’s a thriller but it also has a lot of comedic aspects to it, which is a cool mix.”

To conclude, if you loved critically acclaimed series DARK and looking for a similar puzzled tale of passion, secrets and crime, Biohackers is a must watch Netflix series. The series crossed millions of views on its trailer and will be unveiled on August 21st.

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