‘Boycott Cannoli Cafe’ trends after owners humiliate manager

‘Boycott Cannoli Cafe Soul’ is the latest trend on twitter today and for all the right reasons. Uzma and Dia, the braggart owners of an eatery named ‘Cannoli Cafe Soul’ at Islamabad are receiving immense public backlash, after their video of mortifying the manager over ‘poor English skills’ surfaced. Besides bashing the offenders for their ignoble upper class display, the social users are also calling a boycott of the eating place. Hence, it’s high time the egomaniac elitist of the country gets paid justly for their excruciating behavior with the employees, and the public is doing that without a glitch.

Islamabad café owners receives ‘boycott Cannoli’ calls after humiliating the manager

One of the nastiest things about Pakistani mentalities is judging a person’s standards on basis of their English fluency. Hence, every other hardworking, dedicated individual is often overlooked if their English skills are not up to the mark and satisfying enough. Likewise, owing to this toxic mindset, countless employees and personnel go through everyday degradations and embarrassments at the hands of their elite superiors, for their wretched English skills, when these fancy-pants flexes over the language which is not even theirs. What Pakistanis need to learn is that mastery in English language does not represent the status and qualification of an individual.

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Why public is demanding of Boycott Cannoli Cafe Soul Islamabad?

A similar incident happened at an eatery named “Cannoli Cafe Soul’ of Islamabad today. Two gaudy owners of the café, named Uzma and Dia decided to have a little fun by demeaning their manager Awais, through his English speaking power. However, their ostentatious attempt has landed the whole café in hot waters, as public screams boycott Cannoli.

It all started with a video clip posted by the owners themselves, where the two ladies were spotted satisfying their boredom by squashing the staff members. The video starts with the snobbish individuals introducing themselves as Uzma and Dia, followed with interrogating their manager Awais of his ‘English speaking abilities.’

The duo asks Awais to introduce himself ‘in English’ to which the confused manager replies with a broken yet comprehendible sentence. However, not meeting their set standards, Uzma then criticizes the manager, who, as said by her is getting well paid, and has taken three English courses, still cannot be fluent with the tongue.   

The video as soon as it emerged created uproar on the internet. Citizens, finding this to be an open act of public humiliation stepped on the twitter ground, bashing the supercilious owners of Cannoli Cafe Soul Islamabad for their offensive performance. Many celebrity figures including Shaniera Akram, Jeremy McLellan and Cynthia Ritchie also condemned the act, supporting the cause. Hence, Boycott Canoli became a top trend within minute.

Moreover, noticing public’s furious reactions, Cannoli Lahore also intervened and tried to clear the air. According to the franchise, it is separately-owned and has no ties with the Islamabad branch.

“Please be informed that the viral video is recorded by Cannoli Islamabad’s owners with no connection with Cannoli Lahore. Cannoli Lahore is a separately owned franchise and a separate business entity with its own management.” stated the cafe.

However, the statement was discovered to be false, hence intensifying the backlash.

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