Churails, Pakistani web series becomes a hit

Blockbuster Pakistani web series Churails achieved huge accolades with its first season. The drama, airing from Zee 5 captivated immense attention of Pakistanis for its twisted and unique storyline and portrayal of audacious societal issues.

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Churails – a Pakistani crime thriller web series.

The mega hit series Churails is a crime thriller brought to life by the renowned and polished director Asim Abbasi known for his inspirational family film Cake.

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About Pakistani web series Churails

Comprised of 10 episodes in its first season, Churails is all about feminism, women’s liberation and girl-power. The screenplay portrays 4 courageous and extreme women belonging to completely different backgrounds, united for a common cause. The foursome’s aim is to wreck revenge on the men responsible for their downfall and provide justice to all other women going through similar nuisance.

As promised by the charismatic Churails,

Mard ko dard houga.

Churails – A Pakistani web series.

With this iconic web-series, Asim Abbasi expertly delineates women’s status in Pakistan and the narrow-mindedness of the society. The series follows contrasting scenarios delivering female oppression and feebleness against male dominance.

However, Churails is a completely different presentation, depicted from entirely different angle. Unlikely to other Pakistani dramas that depicts helpless female fighting for her honor, this series is a step ahead as it focuses on girl’s vengeance. The story displays what happens when women retaliates taking justice in their own hands.

Churails Storyline:

The exhilarating spunky Pakistani web series ‘Churails’ airing from Zee 5 is all about women vigilante. The story initiates with four different females from completely different worlds.

Churails web series poster.

The first one of Churails is a middle-aged woman named Batul, who is a jail veteran and has spent two decades of her life imprisoned for murdering her husband. Nevertheless, the reason for her such extreme act had gone disregarded by ‘men-authorities.’ 

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Jugnu had killed her ruthless husband with a hot iron to defend her poor little daughter Meher whom her spouse was attempting to rape.


The second and youngest churail of this notorious girl band is Zubaida. Zubaida faces harsh deportment of her parents, getting beaten up frequently. She wants to break-free from her traditional family and pursue her desires, which are to be a Boxing champion and marry her love interest.

The third legendary figure is of Jugnu. She is a high-profile event manager. She’s rich and single and prefers life this way. However recently, something tragic happens in an on-going event for which she is banned from all event managing companies and couldn’t continue her chosen profession.

Churails poster.

The last member of this Churails foursome is Sara who has a perfect life that is dream of every Pakistani woman. She has a rich spouse, three kids, mansion for house, many servants and pots of money. But she wants more, Sarah is not greedy for wealth, she is greedy for her passion. She holds a law degree but couldn’t utilize it because of her sick-minded husband who wants a house-keeping maid for wife and would never allow her to work.


Additionally, Sara also learns about multiple affairs of her husband and now she wants to hold him accountable.

These four wrecked women when crosses paths becomes each other’s strength and oaths for a mutual target. Behind the façade of a retail boutique, these Churails as they call themselves function to take on all abusive men be it straying husbands or exploitative fathers.

Churails Cast:

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