Crimes of the Future to unite David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson

The forthcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Crimes of the future’ is all set to mark the reunion of ‘Eastern promises’ famed actor-director duo David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson. Set in the near future of advancement and technology, the film also stars Kristen Stewart, and will commence the 30 days shoot this summer in Greece.

Crimes of the Future
Crimes of the Future to unite David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson

David Cronenberg has been absent from his directing chair for seven years now, ever since the release of his satirical drama film Maps to the stars. However, the veteran director is finally up for a comeback with the impending science fiction Crimes of the Future, and this time with his own script. Also, the film will serve as the first original sci-fi script by Cronenberg since 1999’s acclaimed eXistenZ.

Moreover, other than bringing back the David Cronenberg’s master brain, the Crimes of the future will also unify the iconic Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson bond, adding to its anticipation.

The duo has previously worked on multiple classical projects, including a terrific action-thriller ‘A history of violence.’ They had last joined forces for ‘A Dangerous Method.’

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Furthermore, besides booking in his favorite actor, David Cronenberg is getting the band back together in other ways too, as he unites with producer Robert Lantos, whom he had earlier teamed up with for Eastern Promises, eXistenZ and Crash. Talking about their mutual Crimes of the Future, Lantos stated,

“To work with David Cronenberg is to embark on a journey exploring terrain where no one has gone before. Each of our collaborations has been an exhilarating adventure and David’s unwavering vision is what real cinema is all about.”

About Crimes of the Future

The upcoming David Cronenberg’s masterpiece Crimes of the Future will take a deep dive into the not-so-distant future world, where human race is learning to familiarize to its advanced, synthetic surroundings. Nevertheless, this evolution moves humans beyond their natural state and into a “metamorphosis,” altering their biological makeup.

And, while some embrace the limitless potential of trans-humanism, others attempt to police it. Either way, “Accelerated Evolution Syndrome” is scattering everywhere.

Saul Tenser is a beloved performance artist who has embraced Accelerated Evolution Syndrome, and is now sprouting new and unexpected organs in his body. Together with his partner Caprice, Tenser has turned the removal of these organs into a spectacle for his loyal followers to marvel at in real-time theatre. But with both the government and a strange subculture observing, Tenser is forced to consider what would be his most shocking performance of all.

Crimes of the future will also star the Twilight’s famed actress Kristen Stewart, as well as the French actress Lea Seydoux in leading roles.

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