CZN Burak thinks ‘Pakistan tea is fantastic’

The famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir aka CZN Burak is letting the world know that ‘Pakistan tea is fantastic‘ while taking a jab at the Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan.

CZN Burak, Burak Ozdemir, Pakistan Tea is Fantastic
Burak Ozdemir thinks ‘Pakistan tea is fantastic’.

The famous chef came to Pakistan on a four day visit sponsored by a telecom operator and travelled to different parts of the country while falling in love with the local cuisine.

CZN Burak also visited places like the Army Museum in Rawalpindi on Sunday as well spent some of his free time volunteering at a homeless shelter (panagah).

Burak Ozdemir also announced his plans to open a restaurant in Pakistan in the spirit of Pak-Turk friendship and invited everyone to come eat once it was operational.

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‘Pakistan tea is fantastic’

A video went viral on social media showing CZN Burak saying “Hello Pakistan! Pakistan tea is fantastic!” while holding a cup and taking pleasure with every sip.

Take a look at the video:

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