Daimi Bahar – Hadiqa Kiani pays tribute to Kashmir martyrs

Legendary Pakistani singer and song-writer, Hadiqa Kiani’s new song Daimi Bahar just dropped on the internet. The song is dedicated to the Turks and Kashmiris, and is garnering critical acclaim from both the nations.

Daimi Bahar
Hadiqa Kiani’s new song Daimi Bahar drops on internet

In collaboration with well-known Turkish singer Ali Tolga, the renowned International Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani is back with another classical masterpiece Daimi Bahar (Eternal spring). Hadiqa released this beautiful melody on 13th July 2020 through online forum. The song is dedicated to the martyrs of Indian occupied Kashmir and those in Turkish failed coup attempt, 2016.  

Hadiqa Kiani announced her project on her instagram profile, with a caption:

“Releasing a beautiful collaboration tomorrow in light of Kashmir Martyr’s Day with Turkish artists Ali Tolga Demirtaş and Turgay Evren,” she said. “The tribute is done in Turkish, Urdu and Kashmiri and it streams live July 13. I’ll post the link tomorrow, stay tuned and stay blessed. Praying for peace, love and freedom for all.”

The lyrics of this beautiful rendition Daimi bahar are comprised in three languages; Turkish Urdu and Kashmiri. The lyrics have been penned down by Hadiqa Kiani and Turgay Evren. However, the song is composed by Ali Tolga, who himself contribute to the soothing vocals of Daimi Bahar.

About Daimi Bahar video:

Daimi Bahar (eternal spring) is a musical tribute to the fallen soldiers of Kashmir and Turkey. The song descriptions read:

“Daimi Bahar (Eternal Spring) ” is a Song Performed by Pakistani and Turkish singer in Solidarity with Kashmir and Turkey to mark the: Kashmir Martyrs Day of 13th July 1931, Turkey’s Failed Coup of 15th July 2016.”

aimi Bahar

The song initiates in Turkish, in beautiful euphony of Ali Tolga, followed by Hadiqa Kiani. The video of this gratifying sound track shows short clips from Kashmir, displaying their struggles and protests also highlighting the martyrs like Burhan Muzaffar Wani.

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Later, the lyrics switch to Urdu with visuals of beautiful scenery from Turkey and Kashmir. In addition, the musical video also contains horrifying violence that both nations faced during the unpleasant events.

The whole video focuses on two dates that re 13th July and 15th July. 13th July is considered Kashmir Martyrs day. However, 15th July 2016 dates back to the terrifying Turkish coup attempt, that resulted in 300 plus deaths.

 Previously, the eminent singer released her remastered version of Turkish song Sen Aglama, appreciating the popular Turkish series “Dirilis Ertugrul.” With its relishing tune and pleasing vocals, Sen Aglama won millions of hearts from both Turkey and Pakistan.  

Hadiqa Kiani’s both songs Sen Aglama and Daimi Bahar are a small gesture of love and peace towards Turkey and promotes Pak-Turkey brotherhood.

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Musical video of Daimi bahar is attached below:

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