DARK, a Netflix German series breaking records

Trending No. 3 in the list of Top Netflix shows, DARK is a mysterious science-fiction German web series, that untangle frightening time travel.

Netflix series DARK trending throughout the world

Comprising of 3 seasons, DARK is the first ever German language Netflix original series that was released in late 2017. With its mind-twisting story line and perplexing change of events, DARK has shattered all previous Netflix records, over-powering previous hits like The crown, Black mirror and even Stranger things, winning the titles of “Public’s Favourite” and “Best series in Netflix history.”

According to a survey held by Rotten tomatoes, that is the review aggregation portal of films and television, DARK won 80% votes out of 2.5 million audience, defeating the popular series Black Mirror in the last round and marking the title of “World’s favourite Netflix series” to its name.

Plot of the series DARK:

Mind-bending tale of time travel.

The extremely bewildering supernatural tale of DARK unfolds in the fictitious town of Winden, where young children suddenly starts disappearing.

The story begins with Michael Kahnwald, father of our main character Jonas Kahnwald commiting suicide and a week later, 12 years old boy Mikkel Neilsen getting lost in the woods near the caves of Winden.

As the story proceeds, it unfolds complicated relations, double lives and interconnections of four families — the Nielsens, the Kahnwalds, the Tiedemanns, and the Dopplers, revealing how their family tree is bridged together, that leads to puzzling turn of events, crushing the peace of Winden and revealing some dark secrets of the four families’ past, making their lives miserable.

Time Travel in DARK

One of the reasons of DARK fame is the basis of its narration on “Time Travel.” Whenever time travel is involved in a movie or series, it gathers a huge number of audience, like biggest movie of all time, “Avengers Endgame” and 80’s classic movie “Back to the future.”


However, with DARK the scenario is quite different. This masterpiece portrays super confusing “time travel” like never done in the history.

Time travel in this thrilling journey happens through a portal in the caves of Winden, made by the organization “Sic Mundus creatus est” back in 1800’s. The series explains that there are never 2 sides of a plane, there is always a third dimension.
So this portal connects 3 times together. You can travel 33 years into the past or 33 years into the future. The whole series circulates around multiple centuries, first season taking place primarily in 2019 but later expanding to include stories from 1986, 1953,with its final scene displaying 2052.

The second season setting-forth stories from 2020, 1987, 1954, continuing 2053 at some point and adding fifth story-line 1921.

The final season introduces a story-line based in 1888 and several parallel time travelling, making it most complicated time travel series airing right now.

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The cast of this series is huge, as it portrays time-travel at different centuries, showing different age periods of every individual.

Premiere of the Netflix series ‘Dark’ at Zoo-Palast.

However, the major characters of the whole series are Jonas Kahnwald and Martha Neilsen, portrayed by Louis Hofmann, who gained recognition after his character of Tom Sawyer, and Lisa Vicari of “Isi and Ossi” series respectively. As the story contain different phases from different years, there are different versions of Jonas and Martha at every stage, played by multiple actors; Adam and Eva as they call themselves in finale. Emphasising on these two leads,

Jonas Kahnwald is played by:

  • Jonas Gerzabek [child]
  • Louis Hofmann [teen]
  • Andreas pietschmann [adult]
  • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer [elder] [Adam]
Different Versions of Jonas Kahnwald

Martha Neilsen:

  • Luna Arwen Krüger [child]
  • Lisa Vicari [teen]
  • Nina Kronjäger [adult]
  • Barbara Nüsse [elder] [Eva]
Different Versions of Martha Neilsen

Netflix Dark Trailers and more:

DARK, is a mystifying tragic tale with stacks of suspense, thriller and never-ending madness, that has been created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. With its extra-ordinary narrations and captivating plots, the series is smashing all records of viewership. The series trends Second in “Top 10 Netflix series in Pakistan.”

Dark is a complete series, with its 3rd and final season released on 27th June, so you won’t have to worry about any cliffhangers.

DARK finale trailer.

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