Does He Have Bones? Nigerian Contortionist Murphy

NIGERIA: People ask him if has any bones at all. Nigerian contortionist Murphy also makes money by his contortion skills.

Nobody taught Murphy, he has taught himself. He has mastered his contortion skills by learning online. He is so flexible and claims whatever he does with his bow legs, it works perfectly.

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Contortionist Murphy has also sustained injury while he was training. He has fractured his side waist.

He has made money by contorting and wants to teach and pass on his contortion skills to millions of people.

Murphy states his number one fan is his mom and she loves everything about contortionist. Mother’s love!

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What keeps him going? He has a dream of breaking Guinness Records and his determination is keeps him going. He is confident and believes in himself that one day he will break the Guinness World Record.

Watch the video below and you will be forced to ask Murphy the same question. Do you have any bones at all.

Does He Have Bones? Nigerian Contortionist Murphy

Murphy is from Nigeria, he is a contortionist and Yogi. He enjoys exercising a lot.

People all over the world are dazzled by his his incredible talents. He is currently studying technology.

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Hope Contortionist Murphy achieves him dream and contorts himself into Guinness World Records.

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