A doppelganger of Mahira Khan was spotted on Instagram

Mahira Khan and doppelganger Kurasah Anwer Sheikh have left the audience completely astounded, with her undeniable resemblance to the actress.

Mahira Khan  doppelganger
Kurasa Anwer , Mahira Khan’s doppelganger

Remember when Elena’s doppelganger Katherine appeared in TVD leaving us confused? Well that is no more fiction as the term doppelganger has taken a shift from fictional series to real life very quick, with every other celeb’s lookalikes popping up, leaving the fans amazed.

After Iqra aziz’s mirror image Nour from Lebanon, Mahira Khan’s doppelganger has been spotted on Instagram and her images have been circulating the internet, comparing the two, with everyone expressing their own opinions.

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Mahira Khan doppelganger

Mahira’s lookalike, Kurasa Anwer Sheikh or kurasa_anwer on instagram, is a lifestyle blogger, belonging to Karachi. Kurasa previously had 15K followers on her Instagram account, however, after the news broke of her resemblance to Mahira khan, the blogger’s followers have reached more than 19K, with different users commenting on her pictures how much she resemble the beautiful Mahira Khan.

However, the fact cannot be overlooked that Kurasa does not copy Mahira’s makeover, trying to look alike; she naturally resembles the actress, having common features and being elegant herself.

From comments on Khurasa’s pictures and reviews on her lookalike posts, we can assume that half of the Insta population is convinced for her to be Mahira Khan’s doppelganger.

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