Drama serial Ishqiya ending leaves fans disappointed

ARY Digital’s blockbuster drama serial Ishqiya ending has left fans disappointed after 28 successful episodes.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending
Drama serial Ishqiya ending leaves fans disappointed.

Much celebrated drama Ishqiya left a huge population of fans disappointed as majority desired a happy ending for both the on-screen couples. The audience often named it as “unfair ending” when expressing their frustration on social media.

Directed by Badar Mehmood and writer by Mohsin Ali Shah, megahit serial Ishqiya gained critical acclaim for its amazing storyline and light-hearted plots. The serial gained massive response from the viewers and each of its episodes on Youtube crossed millions of views. Furthermore, the last episode was uploaded on Youtube about 19 hours ago and already has 3.8 Million views.

However, soon after the popular hit said its final goodbye on 10th August, Monday (yesterday), Ishqiya became the center of Pakistanis’ attention. Many posts and memes started surfacing on different social sites, with the fans expressing their displeasure.

Twitter reactions:

Additionally, the disheartened fans flooded twitter with their responses, as #Ishqiya still trends first on twitter in Pakistan.

Here are some tweets from the twitter users voicing their views on the cruel ending.

When majority criticized the ending, there were certain fans calling it a fair play:

About Ishqiya:

Ishqiya, the freshly concluded tale was all about love, trust, importance of relations and betrayal from the loved ones. The serial beautifully delivered the love story of two couples, followed by the consequences that one faces for his wrongdoings. The drama serial conveyed the powerful message, promoting the dignity and strength every girl should possess, precisely after marriage.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending

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Other than that, the screenplay also showed the self-esteem and pride that a guy should retain, and the just decision that he should own in forgiving his wife’s past.

PLOT: This entrancing love story revolves around two sisters Hamna and Rumi, that are completely opposite in nature. Hamna is the quiet down to earth sister, whereas Rumi being full of life and possess extremely bubbly personality.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending

Hamna after spending four years of relationship with her university mate Hamza, gets married to Azeem, selected by her ill father. Furthermore, Hamna never unveils her past relationship in front of her family and in-laws.

The egoistic and self-centered Hamza, when finds out about Hamna’s betrayal, fumes with rage and decides to retaliate, determined on spoiling Hamna’s marriage.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending

Hamza marries Rumi, just to fulfill his revenge against Hamna, however the two ends up falling in love. To his infortune, when Rumi discovers his ugly pasts and misconducts, she prioritize her self-respect and takes a harsh but fair decision that turns Hamza’s world upside down.

Cast of Ishqiya:

Ishqiya included all-star and much loved cast that added to its huge fame. The fascinating and joyous character of Rumi is portrayed by the elegant and cheerful young starlet Hania Amir. Hania did comprehensive justice to her avatar, skillfully delivering both blissful and gloomy events. It was because of Hania’s efforts and energy, the character of Rumi remained audience’s favorite throughout the series.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending

In addition, the male lead of Hamza is flawlessly delivered by the Pakistani heartthrob Feroze Khan. Likewise, Feroze professionally portrayed double personalities as possessed by Hamza in Ishqiya. One side of Feroze’s character was somewhat similar to his highly adored Khaani’s epitome.

The other female lead was impeccably brought to life by the gorgeous Ramsha Khan.

Ishqiya, Ishqiya Ending

Also, Gauhar Rasheed, the gifted actor of Pakistni showbiz portrayed the dignified character of Azeem (Hamna’s husband.)

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  1. Usually pakistani dramas hav a sad ending only.hamna is wrong in that serial. Unnecessarily hamza has to suffer because of that idiot hamna n she has effected har own sister’s life.she is the worst part of that serial.

  2. Of all the dramas I have seen so far, the most messy ending was that it ruined the whole image of Ishqiya drama.

  3. Worst ending ever , it all started because of Hamna she cheated on her boyfriend who almost died because of heartbreak , then she didn’t protect her sister and let her get married for revenge , Hamza married for revenge but not at a single point he hurt rumi ,this shows his kind nature so why hamna the cheater was spared and forgiven and hamza was punished , i think the writer/ producer got confused in the end , watching so many episodes of this drama was a total waste of time .

  4. Best Ending….ye aik lesson tha sb k liye….Jo kisi k sath bura krta h us k sath bura hi hota….agr happy ending krte to dramay m koi lesson ni bachna tha …..Hamza jasay kafi boys hmre environment m ye soch kr sb kr lyte k maafi to mil hi jati h ……n no doubt asay boys se hmra environment bhara para h Jo blackmail krna start kr dyte hn girls ko Allah ki pakar se ni darte…and Hamna ne wohi kiya Jo hr girl apne parents ki Khushi k liye qurbani dyti h…Romi k sath bht bura howa 😭 khair asay logo ko Allah thamny m dair ni krta
    Bestest ending ❣️💕💞❤️👌🏻

    1. Hira Baloch yeh achi larki apney parents sey chup key eik larkey sey ishaq larati hai us sey shadi key promise karti hai aur phir apney parents ki baat achi larki ki tarah maan leti hai , this is your criteria of ACHI LARKI …wow!!

  5. Bekaar ending.
    Both humna and romi’s husband should be pumished or both forgiven.
    Not fair ending.

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