Esra Bilgic is now brand ambassador for Jazz 4G

The popular Turkish actress Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan is now the brand ambassador for Pakistani telecom company Jazz 4G. This reveal finally clears the confusion related to her cryptic tweet abaout finding her” No. 1 in Pakistan”.

Esra Bilgic is now the brand ambassador for Jazz 4G.

Earlier Esra Bilgic shared a mysterious message on her social media saying, “I’ve found my no. 1 in Pakistan” which lead her fans to interpret the message in a lot of different ways but most of them thought she meant finding her soul mate.

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However, those interpretations were short lived as Jazz 4G took to their social media yesterday sharing a picture of Esra Bilgic with a caption that read “Looks like we found our No. 1 too!” finally clarifying what the actress meant.

Esra Bilgic also took to Instagram and Twitter sharing the same picture with the caption, “I think it’s time to tell the world.”

Previously, Esra Biglic also signed a contract with Pakistani mobile brand “Qmobile” as their brand ambassador for their View Max series.

The actress has recently spiked in popularity in Pakistan ever since Dirilis Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi started airing in the country during Ramazan. Esra Bilgic plays the role of Halime Sultan in the Turkish drama.

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