Fakhir Mehmood releases a new song Meri Double Chin during lockdown

Captivating voice of the 90’s, Fakhir mehmood, in collaboration with his children and some Pakistani celebrities has released his funny sound track “Meri double chin” sketching effects of on-going lockdown on healthy people’s lifestyle and has gained delighting response since then.

Fakhir Mehmood
“meri double chin” by Fakhir Mehmood

This crucial pandemic situation, with every person caged in their homes, motivated Fakhir Mahmood on creating something that actually reflects the reality of this lock down on working people’s health, that is; the “double chin” majority of us has gained by staying home and treating ourselves.

Fakhir Mehmood uploaded the video of his new sound track on Instagram TV two days back, sharing the details of “Meri double chin.”

In his waggish musical video, Fakhir along with his kids is seen treating himself with lots of fast food and consequently gaining “double chin.”

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Directed by Nadeem J, in beautiful voice of Fakhir Mahmood “Meri double chin” features Adnan siddique, Hamid Mir, fakhar e Alam, Nabeel, Faisal Qureshi, Bushra Ansari, Momina Mustehsan, Javed Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam and many famous personalities from television industry, who have recorded their parts from homes, all crying over their double chins.

Fakhir Mehmood
Nabeel in Fakhir Mehmood’s musical video

Fakhir’s children Simone and Naeel, also played their significant role in the video, accompanying their daddy in his fast food adventures and complaining about his double chin later.

Fakhir Mehmood
Fakhir’s children Simone and Naeel in his musical video

“Meri double chin” by Fakhir Mehmood has everyone in gales of laughter and gained 24K views on Youtube within two days.

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