Fuzon Band Rockstar Emu reaches Rain-Hit Umar Kot to distribute ration

Emu aka Syed Muhammed Imran Monina from Pakistan’s Fuzon Band distributed ration, medicines, tarpualins, ropes and solar powered lights among the villagers near Umar kot, Sindh.

Fuzon Band
Fuzon Band Rockstar reaches Rain-Hit Umar Kot to distribute ration.

Emu, The Keyboardist and music producer from Pakistan’s Fuzon Band is on the front foot to help the people who lost their homes and belongings due to the recent heavy rains in lower Sindh.

According to Emu’s statement on social media “This was made possible because of a group of generous and concerned family and friends in Los Angeles, USA. Thanks to my brothers Naveed Hassan and Modh Omais for helping me procure the supplies and for accompanying me on this trip.”

We have seen different NGOs and welfare trusts helping people in remote areas such as JDC from Karachi doing almost what government could not.

The Government of Sindh has declared four divisions as ‘Calamity affected areas’. Meanwhile, the rescue operation is being conducted by the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army in Balochistan and Sindh.

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