Hania Amir just friendzoned Asim Azhar

Pakistani actress Hania Amir just friendzoned Asim Azhar in a recent conversation with her friend Aima Baig on a live video chat.

Hania Amir Asim Azhar
Hania Amir just friendzoned Asim Azhar.

During a live video chat with Aima Baig, Hania Amir revealed that she wasn’t dating Pakistani singer Asim Azhar and said that they were just friends.

Hania Amir Asim Azhar

Even Aima Baig found it hard to believe to which Hania said that they were extremely close and there for each other but as far as relationships were concerned, she wasn’t dating anyone.

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Hania Amir also revealed that she was working on a song and Asim Azhar was going to be helping her on that.

Twitter has been trending all day with hashtags #HaniaAmir and #AsimAzhar and fans are certainly having a hard time with the news as everyone always thought that the two Pakistani stars were dating each other.

#HaniaAmir and #AsimAzhar
#HaniaAmir and #AsimAzhar

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#HaniaAmir and #AsimAzhar
#HaniaAmir and #AsimAzhar

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