Hareem Shah did not leak Sheikh Rashid video call

Hareem Shah, TikTok star released a video saying that she did not leak any video of Sheikh Rashid, Chairman Awami Muslim League and Railway Minister of Pakistan. Earlier a video surfaced which accused Sheikh Rashid of sending inappropriate videos and pictures to the TikTok star.

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Leak sheikh rashid video call hareem shah
Hareem Shah
leak sheikh rashid video call hareem shah
Sundal Khattak

The earlier videos that surfaced were trending on Twitter and other social media sites.

Hareem Shah Sheikh Rashid call of the TikTok star making the accusation

The video shows Hareem Shah calling Sheikh Rashid who she had saved in her contacts by the name of Sheeda Talli and accusing him of being inappropriate with her over video call and sending her inappropriate photos although Sheikh Rashid did not acknowledge this and disconnected the call.

Another video that surfaced showed the phone call and a video call side by side.

Hareem Shah Sheikh Rashid video call clip

Last night Hareem Shah along with her friend Sundal Khattak made a video saying that they did not leak the videos but confirmed that the video is real. They said that Sheikh Rashid called them and they made the video to avoid any future problems but kept saying that they did not leak any video. They said that they were a die hard supporter of PTI and had nothing to do with the leak. This was the video that was released last night.

However, the question is still there about who else was in the room while that video was made accusing Sheikh Rashid of being inappropriate with the Hareem Shah.

Waqar Zakah took Hareem Shah on live call regarding the leaked Sheikh Rashid video call.

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