Hira Mani celebrates birthday with husband Salman Saqib

Hira Mani celebrated her birthday last night with her husband Salman Saqib and she took to Instagram to share the photos of her midnight birthday celebrations.

Hira Mani Birthday Salman Saqib Hira Mere Paas Tum Ho Do Bol
Hira Mani celebrates birthday with husband Salman Saqib.

Hira Mani’s birthday falls on the 27 February and she seems to have had fun from what we can see in the photos that she shared.

The first photo she shared on her Instagram she wrote “Not ageing just upgrading” and she went on to thank her family her friends for making her birthday special saying, “Thanks for making my birthday so special I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”

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The second photo she shared was with her husband and wrote a heartwarming note for her husband Salman Saqib for making her birthday even more special.

Hira wrote in the caption of this photo:

Thanks for the gajra mani I love you,

is Se best gift tou koi hou hi nahi sakta

Hira Mani is best known for her role in the TV drama Do Bol for playing Gaiti and Mere Paas Tum Ho where she portrayed the character of Hania.

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