PM Imran Khan Doppelganger spotted in Sialkot

Few days back, PM Imran Khan Doppelganger was spotted aboard a Chingchi rikshaw in Sialkot, astounding the citizens with the uncanny resemblance. However, according to the latest discovery, the lookalike share more than just looks with the PTI chairman.

Imran Khan Doppelganger, Shah Hussain, Imran Khan lookalike
PM Imran Khan Doppelganger spotted in Sialkot

The carbon copy of young PM went viral when his video clip in a black shalwar qameez surfaced.  Since then, the audience had been curious to learn more about him, which motivated Urdupoint to do some research, and here are the results.

The Imran Khan doppelganger is a fellow Pashtun, named Shah Hussain. Hussain hails from the region of Kalam, Sawat and is a father to three children. Hence, as expected, similar ethnic backgrounds contributed to the two men’s strange alikeness.                     

Moreover, Imran Khan Doppelganger is also aware of his closeness with the Prime Minister. In an interview with Urdupoint, Hussain mentioned, “I feel very happy when people come to me to take pictures with me and also become my customer,”

He continued, revealing his occupation to be leatherwork and dried fruit business. “In summers I do the leatherwork and go to Swat where people support me, and really like me. Whereas in winters, I sell dried fruits here, in Sialkot.”  Other than that, Shah Hussain also expressed his desire to meet the PM in personal one day.  

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Twitter Reactions on Imran Khan Doppelganger

Soon after the PM Imran Khan’s mirror image was sighted in town, the stunned citizens hopped to the twitter handle, where they praised the uncanny similarity in facial features of the two. Hence, here are some reactions.

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