Jannat Mirza outreaches 10 million followers on TikTok

Social media star Jannat Mirza has crossed 10 million followers on TikTok, the short video sharing platform outshining some of the most notable names making her the first Pakistani to achieve that milestone.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Instagram, Jannat Mirza TikTok
Jannat Mirza outreaches 10 million followers on TikTok.

Taking it to her Instagram profile, the 23-years-old young celebrity expressed gratefulness towards her fans, over making her the ‘most followed Tiktoker of Pakistan’, she wrote:

Am I dreaming? 10 million followers! I never imagined that my hobby would bring me here. Thankfully, when you don’t envy others then you are rightly rewarded. Thank God.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Instagram, Jannat Mirza TikTok

The enthralling beauty continued, giving credits of this brandish success to her die-hard followers, who have been supporting and encouraging the celeb through thick and thin. Jannat Mirza captioned her Instagram story:

Thank you so much everyone. I’m standing here today because of you all. I love you all. I’m nothing without you guys. Thanks a lot for supporting me. I still can’t believe this.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Instagram, Jannat Mirza TikTok

About Jannat Mirza

Hailing from the city of Faisalabad, Punjab, Jannat Mirza caught the public eye with her mesmerizing good looks and exclusive Lip-sync videos. The celebrity rose to eminence way too quickly and has been ruling the platform since. In present, Jannat enjoys a sum total of likes 231.6 M on her entertaining videos and this represents that her content is really celebrated in Tiktok world.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Instagram, Jannat Mirza TikTok

Furthermore, Jannat is the first and only Tiktok star from Pakistan who received acting offers from both Bollywood and Lollywood. However, she denied them in the name of personal choice. The young actress wishes to pursue her journalism degree, which she is obtaining from a university in Japan. Having said that, Jannat mirza alongside her family is currently spending quality time in the state of Japan.

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ab theek rahay? 😂

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Jannat Mirza’s Music Video Debut

Moreover, the starlet has not limited her intensifying success to one platform only. Apart from Tiktok, Jannat has also depicted the title role in Bilal Saeed’s critically acclaimed musical video, titled Shayar alongside Sarmad Qadeer. The euphonious Punjabi melody served as the big-screen debut of Jannat Mirza and was a massive hit, with 12 Million views on its official YouTube video.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Instagram, Jannat Mirza TikTok
Jannat Mirza’s Music Video Debut.

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The feted soundtrack also added to Jannat’s mounting recognition and escalating fan following that was nearly 7.5 million before the release of Shayar.

Jannat Mirza leaked videos controversy

Jannat Mirza is the only Pakistani Tiktok starlet to achieve major acting projects under proper production. Hence, the artist has been handling one after other conspiracies since she stepped into entertainment industry.

Soon after Shayar released, Jannat’s Tiktok account was hacked by some haters, leaving her incapable to promote her first showbiz appearance.

Few days later, another Jannat-related conspiracy stole the spotlight. Jannat Mirza and sister Seher faced immense backlash as their inappropriate leaked videos and photos started making rounds on social platforms.

However, the sisters were quick to take legal actions, reporting to Cyber Crime Division. Consequently, man named Asfandyar was held accountable and taken into custody by Federal Investigation Agency.

It is pertinent to mention that not only Jannat, other renowned TikTok stars like Minahil Malik and Malika Cheema has also faced similar ‘fake videos’ gossips soon after they gained recognition on the platform.  

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