Jannat Mirza to appear in Bilal Saeed’s next music video Shayar

After winning millions of hearts from Tiktok, the young and talented Jannat Mirza is ready to steal the spotlight through Bilal Saeed’s upcoming musical video “Shayar”.

The elegant and skilled young beauty of Pakistan, Jannat Mirza, who gathered fame from video sharing platform Tiktok is ready to step foot in Pakistani showbiz with her debut in upcoming musical track Shayar, releasing on Friday, 10th July 2020.

Jannat Mirza
Jannat Mirza to star in Bilal Saeed’s Shayar

It looks like Tiktok stars are ready to rule the future showbiz as they are emerging really quick, earning higher names for themselves. Few days earlier, Asim Azhar’s “Tum Tum” released, featuring another Tiktok star Areeka Haq from Karachi. The song was a huge success and garnered high appreciations. Now, a week later Jannat Mirza who is also a Tiktoker will be displaying her skills through Bilal Saeed’s new single Shayar.

About Shayar:

Produced by venerable singer and song-writer of Pakistan Bilal Saeed under OneTwo record presentation, the upcoming soundtrack “Shayar,” as displayed by its title, is all about a poet’s journey and his endless endeavours throughout his lifetime. It describes the struggles of a Poet in achieving a higher place for himself.

The music of the song is written and composed by renown musician Sarmad Qadder, who himself is an essential part of the video. The most astounding part of this production is that it features emerging talent Jannat Mirza, who gained popularity from Tiktok platform. Apart from Jannat and Sarmad, the very talented actor Ali Josh is also part of Bilal Saeed’s Shayar.

Jannat Mirza
Jannat Mirza, Ali Joh and Sarmad Qadeer in Shayar

Bilal Saeed, took it to his Instagram, revealing the details about his new project. The “Baari” singer wrote:

“A poet’s journey is often about being torn between reality and dreams. #Shayar is about a man’s journey to a dream-like reality.

ONE TWO RECORDS is staying true to the promise of supporting original music and talent, and excited to present Sarmad Qadeer’s “Shayar” starring TikTok sensation Jannat Mirza along with Ali Josh.
Shayar releases on 10th July 2020 exclusively through One Two Records.”

About Jannat Mirza:

Belonging to the city of Faisalabad, Punjab, the ravishing and extremely talented Jannat Mirza, currently leads the list of most followed Pakistani Tiktokers with 7.5 million followers and 132.6 Million likes on her Tiktok profile. Acclaimed for her stunning looks and entertaining videos, the 21 years old Jannat soon became a sensation in Pakistan, garnering a huge number of admirers.

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Jannat is the first and only Tiktok star from Pakistan who received acting offers from both Bollywood and Lollywood. However, she denied them in the name of personal choice. The young actress wishes to pursue her journalism degree, that she is obtaining from a university in Japan.

Jannat Mirza
Jannat Mirza, the leading tiktoker of Pakistan

Bilal Saeed’s Shayar, is Jannat Mirza’s first project under proper production to go on air. Nevertheless, she is also a part of Punjabi movie directed by Syed Noor, that is currently being recorded. Jannat will be seen portraying the role of a village girl in the movie.

It looks like the cast is very excited about their new project, as they keeps uploading Shayar’s posters on their Instagram profiles. The fans are also counting days to see their favourite personalities on screen.

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