Khalil ur Rehman contract suspended by Geo

Khalil ur Rehman contract with Geo has been suspended after the writer used abusive and offensive language against human rights activist Marvi Sirmed on live television in a discussion about Aurat March 2020 and the slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi (My Body My Choice)”.

khalil ur rehman contract Geo Amir Liaquat Resham Marvi Sirmed
Khalil ur Rehman contract suspended by Geo.

Geo Entertainment released a statement saying that the contract with Khalil ur Rehman has been suspended which included four dramas and one film “until he apologizes for using indecent language in a TV Show”.

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The incident is all everybody has been able to talk about ever since Khalil ur Rehman used the abusive language against Marvi Sirmed which included body shaming her on live television and the writer was slammed on live TV by Amir Liaquat and Pakistani actress Resham the next day on Mansoor Ali Khan’s show on Express News.

Geo in their tweet says that they believe in a healthy debate on such matters but it should be done with decency and respect and not the way Khalil ur Rehman carried it out.

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