Mehwish Hayat comes on Twitter to respond to critics

Mehwish Hayat has been very actively lately on social media putting people in their place whenever someone criticizes her online. This time is no different as she came on Twitter to respond to critics who trolled her.

Mehwish Hayat.

Her tweet included a small note with a stunning picture of her that she shared along with that.

Mehwish Hayat wrote:

I know some people don’t like me, but what can I do, not everyone has good taste.

Mehwish Hayat doesn’t stay quiet and has a habit of responding to anyone that attacks her morals or character online.

She even responded to Aamir Liaquat a while back after he made a tweet criticizing her and calling her an “item girl” giving biased statements.

Aamir made this tweet after Mehwish gave her opinion over the US and Iran conflict that was going on at the time.

Although Mehwish was quick to respond to Aamir hitting back at him for his tweet and wrote in her response:

This “item girl” is exercising her democratic right to have an opinion whereas you keep stooping to making personal jibes and nothing more. Man up! BTW whatever happened to the case you were filing against me for “Load Wedding”? I have been waiting with bated breath …

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Also earlier this month she came to Twitter slamming a journalist Tarek Fateh for making up fake news after he shared a clip from her movie and showed it as Pakistanis refusing to get their children vaccinated against polio.

She made a tweet after that in response to the journalist saying:

Thank u for giving ur 2 cents on this but pls first verify the source b4 posting next time. It’s a scene frm my movie”loadwedding”,the polio worker is me & that woman an actress.Through the film we were raising awareness of the issue.Glad 2 see our performances were so convincing

Mehwish Hayat (@MehwishHayat) made a tweet – January 15, 2020.

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