Mehwish Hayat hits back at Amir Liaquat for his tweet

It seems to have become a habit of Amir Liaquat to make a tweet about Mehwish Hayat. Last time this happened was back in October, 2019 but Mehwish remained quiet that time and let it go. Although this time around, Mehwish Hayat did not stay quiet.

Mehwish Hayat Amir Liaquat
Mehwish (left) Amir (right)

Mehwish made a tweet about the current USA and Iran conflict going on and obviously she has the right to her opinion.

Amir Liqauat made a tweet about Mehwish Hayat regarding this saying:

In his tweet, Amir wrote:

Taghma-e-Imtiaz doesn’t mean an item girl can give biased statements. She should go with Pakistan’s policy

Mehwish this time around did not remain quiet and hit back at Amir, tweeting:

Mehwish made this tweet getting back at Amir and saying that he is making such comments for personal reasons.

A few months ago Amir Liaquat threatened to sue Mehwish Hayat along with other cast members and the director of a film “Load Wedding” that referenced him from his game show, Inaam Ghar.

Back then, Amir made a tweet about Mehwish not standing up for him and doing what’s right and going on to work in the film.

That time Mehwish Hayat did not directly address Amir Liaquat about his tweet and remained silent.

Many people came to Twitter supporting the actress and telling Liaquat to mind his own business.

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