Mehwish Hayat to be interviewed by Angelina Jolie on BBC My World

Mehwish Hayat will be interviewed by Angelina Jolie on BBC My World, which she announced through her tweeter and Instagram account.

She shared on Friday that she will soon appear on the show produced by Angelina Jolie.

The show ‘My World’ is produced by the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie with collaboration with Microsoft Education and BBC.

Mehwish Hayat is a prominent Pakistani Actress, she shared a teaser from her interview on social media and said:

Excited that my interview for @BBCWorld will be out soon. Great concept created by Angelia Jolie for the first TV show she is producing. Thank you Jamie Angus @grvlx001 for your vision in highlighting so many important issues that young people face today.

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Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient Mehwish Hayat said, she has been breaking the stereotypes with the kind of roles she has been doing.

She believes male and female actors should get equal amounts of money and respect.

She also said social media being a very powerful platform, if used properly can be healthy, progressive and can build people up.

Her full episode of ‘My World’ will be out soon, but the specific dates are not disclosed yet.

My World

The show My World will be executive produced by Jolie. The show is aimed at young viewers. This show will explain the stories behind the news and will offer facts and information that help young minds over the age of thirteen make up their own minds on pressing international issues.

The young audience today has many social-media-outlets, where they roam freely. They come across many news contents which is not aimed for adults.

The show My World will help the young minds differentiate between the real from the fake information.

My World Youtube Channel

My World

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