Sad moment for fans after watching ‘Misha’ dying in ‘Jalan’

Fans were left distraught after watching Misha die towards the end of Jalan (episode 18) and expressed their shock on social media as they said goodbye to one of their favorite characters on the show.

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Sad moment for fans watching ‘Misha’ character dies in ‘Jalan’.

The character of Misha was brought to life by the talented and gorgeous Areeba Habib and the show’s fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter and Facebook.

Misha had attempted suicide after she heard the news of her husband getting married to her sister Nisha, portrayed by breathtakingly beautiful Minal Khan, and passed away in the hospital as her parents were being harassed by the police.

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The police had talked to her former husband Asfand, character brought to life by the talented Ammad Irfani, who termed Misha as mentally ill during their inquiring into the suicide attempt.

After watching the Jalan (episode 18) and saying goodbye to their favorite character of Misha, fans turned to social media and expressed their shock and also their anger towards Asfand:

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