Miss Bolivia Universe Joyce Prado Losses Crown For Being Pregnant

Miss Bolivia Universe Joyce Prado has lost her crown after revealing being Pregnant.

The twenty-two-year-old beauty queen has been stripped of her title for a breach of contract.

According to Miss Universe rules, winners cannot get pregnant or tie a knot while holding the title.

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Miss Bolivia Universe Joyce Prado Losses Crown For Being Pregnant

Ms. Prado’s modeling agency, Promociones Gloria has announced on their Facebook page that Ms. Joyce Prado has been removed from her two crowns Miss Santa Cruz and Miss Bolivia due to a breach of contract.

Promotions Gloria communicates to the public opinion that the current miss Santa Cruz and miss Bolivia Universe 2018, has been removed from her crowns as miss Santa Cruz and miss Bolivia for reasons that are strictly related to contractual breach, leaving constancy that we maintain cordial relationships In an area of mutual understanding, guarding the confidentiality clause.

Promociones Gloria comunica a la Opinión Publica que la actual Miss Santa Cruz y Miss Bolivia Universo 2018 , ha sido…

Posted by Promociones Gloria on Friday, April 12, 2019

The beauty queen has been with her Paraguayan model boyfriend Rodrigo Giménez for four months.

She also confirmed the rumors by saying she and her boyfriend will be having a baby and will be getting married soon.

However for confidential reasons the details have not been revealed yet.

Ms. Joyce Prado has also announced her pregnancy through her Instagram account by sharing a photo of herself and Rodrigo Giménez holding a tiny baby romper.

Both of them look quite happy holding the baby romper.

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Ms. Prado, however, seems unconcerned about losing her both titles. She has posted on her Instagram

 ‘The miracle of life is indescribable, especially when it comes to the arrival of a new member of the family. 

‘Becoming a father or mother may be the most important challenge that comes our way in life, but just as it can be difficult, it can also be the most rewarding thing in the world.

‘I want to share with you that I am the happiest woman in the world because my life is full of love because together with the man of my dreams we are beginning to live the most beautiful stage of our lives.

‘Since I knew that I will become a mother, I can not stop imagining how I will look with my baby in my arms, never imagine feeling such a great emotion just knowing that from within me there is a seed that grows every day and the only thing that I ask God to be born safe and sound that his [email protected] I will take care of protecting him and training him all the love we have to give him.’

Even though Miss Bolivia Universe Joyce Prado is not worried about the whole situation, her fans are disappointed by the decision of her
modeling agency, Promociones Gloria and have shared their concern

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