Miss World 2019: Contestants, Date, And Venue

The most sought after beauty contest of Miss World 2019 is around the corner. Find out about the beautiful contestants, date, and venue for Miss World 2019.

Miss World 2019 Date, And Venue

Date and Venue has been changed now for update visit here

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It has been announced that the Miss World 2019 beauty pageant final will be held on 17 December 2019.

The month-long festival and final of the 69th edition of Miss World beauty pageant will be held in Thailand.

Delegates from 130 countries will be participating in the Miss World 2019 contest.

The contestants are scheduled to arrive at Thailand on 7th November.

The opening ceremony will be held in Bangkok.

Julia Morley said: 

“Each year we bring together nations from around the world with a shared sense of purpose. We work with incredible women, which is why I am excited to be in Thailand this year and work with the Thai people to make a difference. We have a spectacular show planned with our partners and will be revealing more details about the month-long festival.”

Tanawat Wansom, Chief Executive Officer of TW Pageants, said:

“I am honored to be chosen as host of the 69th Miss World 2019 by Julia Morley. Thailand will gain tremendous benefits by hosting Miss World for the very first time, from promotions of tourism and culture, to trade and good publicity.  We look forward to working closely with the Miss World team to create the best show and showcase the best of Thailand to the world. We are also very excited to launch ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ Foundation in Thailand this year, in honour of Mrs Morley’s tremendous humanitarian efforts worldwide.”  

The highly awaited contest of Miss World 2019 final will be broadcast over 100 countries.

The reigning Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de León crown the 69th Miss World in Thailand. 

READ UPDATE: Miss World 2019 Is Coming To London: Date and Venue revealed

Miss World 2019 Contestants

1. Khadija Benhamou

2. Larissa Robitschko

3. Nyah Bandelier

4. Anastasia Laurynchuk                       

5. Elena Castro Suarez          

6. Joyce Delgado

7. Caltouma Sindigue

8. Tara Gueye

 9. Denisa Spergerová     

10. María Auxiliadora Idrovo     

11. Vaimalama Chaves

12. Nini Gogichaishvili

13. Celine Bolaños

14. Keila Rodas

 15. Naize Induta

16. Princess Megonondo

17. Sella Sharlin

18. Madina Batyk

19. Elmara Buranbaeva

20. Palesa Makara

21. Mélanie Heynsbroek

22. Valeria Mlle Binguira

23. Nicole Vella

24. Urvashi Gooriah

25. Elizaveta Kuznitova

26. Anushka Shrestha

27. María Teresa Cortéz

28. Lucy Brock

29. Lauren Leckey

30. Milena Sadowska      

31. Alina Sanko

32. Meghan Nimwiza

33. Keryn Matthew

34. Alberta Diatta

35. Sanja Lovčević

36. Frederika Kurtulíková

37. Sabrine Khalifa

38. Isabella Rodríguez

39. Gabriella Jukes

40. Mirjana Muratovic

41. Tya Jane Ramey

42. Adele Sammartino

43. Suman Rao

44.  Krisztina Nagypál 

45. Brezana Da COSTA

46. Taqiyyah Francis

47. Liana Voskerchyan

48. Ghislaine Mejia

49. Sarah Marschke

50. Rafah Nanjeba Torsa

51. Che’Amor Greenidge

52. Iciar Diaz Camacho

53. Ivana Ladan

54. Phirinyane Gofaone

55. Rikkiya Brathwaite

56. Margo Cooper

57. Sreyvin VY

58. Naomi Colford

59. Jaci Patrick

60. Ignacia Albornoz

The missing information will be updated as soon as it is available.

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