Monster Alligator strolls Georgia Golf Course

GEORGIA: Ed Vance and his golf friends couldn’t stop themselves from yelling in astonishment as they spot a monster alligator stroll Georgia Golf Course.

As they were wrapping up their round of golf at Savannah Harbor Club on Hutchinson Island, Georgia, suddenly an 11 feet giant monster alligator appeared out of the bushes and stomp onto the green.

‘Dude, that’s a monster!’ Look at the size of that.Vance can be heard saying to his golfer friend.

A hilarious moment for the friends as they are heard laughing in excitement, surely they were not expecting a colossal beast to appear suddenly.

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The alligator walks freely on the ground and suddenly pauses on the green for the sun a few inches from the cool water.

The monster alligator gets up from its brief rest and then can be seen taking a dip into the water.

Ed Vance took this interesting video clip from his cell phone.

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Alligators can be found throughout the wet marshes of Florida and Louisiana, southern Georgia, as well as in Alabama, Mississipi, the coastal Carolinas, east Texas, the southernmost part of Arkansas and the southeast corner of Oklahoma.

These callosal beast are also known for making a deep bellowing sound, like a lion’s roar, but much deeper and you definitely do not want to catch a sniff of their breath.

These fearsome creatures are well known for their death roll. These predators when taking prey in their mouth underwater and spin round and round, tearing carcasses to pieces.

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