Netflix is rolling out new parental control features

The extremely popular video streaming platform Netflix is rolling out new parental control features that will make it easier for parents to filter content including allowing them to remove individual titles entirely.

Netflix Parental Control
New Netlix Parental Control features rolled out.

The company is focusing on providing more control to parents over what their kids can watch in the general section of Netflix. Parents will now have the ability to remove TV series or movies individually by their title and will also have an option to filter content based on ratings.

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If a title on Netflix is listed as inappropriate for children, it won’t appear on the profile if parents want to filter out content based on their ratings. For example they have the option to keep everything G-rated on the account and remove everything else.

Netflix Parental Control
New options introduced for parents on Netflix.

Another important update introduced by Netflix to improve parental controls is the addition of PINs to protect and lock profile which will keep a child from accessing any other profile but his/her own on the streaming platform.

Netflix Parental Control
Netflix allowing profile locks.

Parents can also review the viewing history for their child’s account and will also have the time to restrict screen time if they want with these new features added to Netflix parental control.

These new parental controls are already available to use and can be found in the account settings on both the desktop version as well as the mobile apps.

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