Netflix Top 10 Feature rolling out globally to users

Netflix has announced that it has plans to launch the Top 10 Feature for the video streaming platform that will now show the top trending movies and TV shows in the region the user is accessing the video streaming service.

Netflix Top 10 Feature
Netflix rolling out its Top 10 Feature globally that will show the top most popular movies and TV shows in the user’s country.

Netflix has not always been open about the viewership data and it’s only recently that it has started revealing such information about the number of viewers its shows have.

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Netflix Top 10 Feature
Top 10 Feature showing the top movies and shows in USA.

According to a blog post by Netflix Director of Production Innovation, users will see the Top 10 movies and TV shows in their respective tabs with the list being updated daily and will vary depending on user interest as well.

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The shows will now have a “Top 10” badge wherever they appear on the video streaming service while browsing and looking into categories and different genres or even the search itself.

Netflix Top 10 Feature
Top 10 badge for the movies and TV shows everywhere on Netflix.

According to the post, this feature has been out for Mexico and the UK for months in a testing phase and since, users have found this useful, Netflix is releasing the Top 10 feature globally.

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