Nida Yasir apologizes for question asked to Marwah’s parents

Pakistani TV host Nida Yasir has issued an apology on her Instagram offering an explanation on the matter that is trending on social media with hashtag #BanNidaYasirShow.

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Nida Yasir apologizes for question asked to Marwah’s parents.

According to the TV host, the TV host did not invite the family of the Marwah, five year old girl who was raped and murderd. In fact, the victim’s parents were actually the one seeking media assistance and Nida Yasir changed her show’s schedule as she considered it her duty to help them by bringing them on air.

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She highlighted how the parents of Marwah have been helped financially after coming on the show as the father was unable to work or provide food to the family since the ordeal. Nida Yasir even claimed that it was because of the show that the rapist of the little girl was caught.

However, some people have highlighted the fact that bringing them on the show to help did not mean that she should have asked them such insensitive questions.

Why people were demanded Ban on Nida Yasir Show?

Twitter is currently trending with #BanNidaYasirShow and people are demanding to ban Nida Yasir after the TV host invited and asked insensitive questions to the parents of Marwah, a five-year-old girl who was recently raped and murdered.

Nida is the host of Good Morning Pakistan that airs on ARY Digital and she recently invited the parents of Marwah asking them insensitive and traumatizing details of their child’s disappearance and the state she was discovered.

During the interview, the both parents of the victim struggled and cried as they relived the tragedy while answering the questions on the morning show.

After the interview clip went viral on social media, people came on Twitter demanding to ban Nida Yasir and her morning show using hashtag #BanNidaYasirShow.

Here are some reactions by people:


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