Oscars 2020 winners – complete list, Parasite dominates

The 92nd Academy awards are finally over and Oscars 2020 winners were a little unexpected based on the early predictions mainly because the South Korean movie Parasite has made history with winning many awards in some of the biggest categories.

Oscars 2020 Winners list.

Some of the the movies that had the most nominations like Joker or The Irishman didn’t do as well as expected. The Joker took home only two awards even though it had the most nominations of any movie while The Irishman or even the Two Two Popes went home empty handed.

Netflix in total had 24 nominations but was only able to take home two awards. This was the most nominations for any studio although this proves that getting nominations is one thing, winning the big titles is a completely other challenge.

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We have compiled a complete list of the Oscars 2020 Winners. The Categories hold all nominations and the winners are in bold and italic font.

South Korean movie Parasite dominates the Oscars 2020.

Oscars 2020 winners:

Best Picture:

Lead Actor/Best Actor:

Jaoquin Phoenix takes home award for Best Actor for the movie Joker at Oscars 2020.

Lead Actress/Best Actress:

Supporting Actor:

Supporting Actress:


Animated Feature Film:

Animated Short:

Adapted Screenplay:

Original Screenplay:


Best Documentary Feature:

Best Documentary Short Subject:

Best Live Action Short Film:

Best Foreign Language Film:

Film Editing:

Sound Editing:

Sound Mixing:

Production Design:

Original Score:

Original Song:

Makeup and Hair:

Costume Design:

Visual Effects:

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