Saba Qamar in the spotlight yet again over bath robe photo shoot

Pakistani showbiz star Saba Qamar Zaman is under criticism once again after latest bath robe photo shoot with people trolling and criticizing the star for the latest pictures.

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Saba Qamar in the spotlight yet again over bath robe photo shoot.

The spellbindingly beautiful Saba Qamar posted some pictures on her Instagram profile that has ignited rage among the audience. However, the reason for viewer’s disappointment this time is no mosque shooting or song controversy, but her choice of revealing costumes.

In a recent photo shoot for Niche Lifestyle, Saba Qamar flexed her beauty in some qualitative outfits and get-ups, as the diva looked breathtakingly beautiful. Nevertheless, what caught up public’s attention were Saba’s pictures in a skimpy get-up, a bathrobe to be precise.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar recent photo shoot

Sharing her pictures with followers, Saba quoted some of Manto’s lines as her caption.

However, an hour or so later, someone from twitter shared the picture of Saba Qamar in a bath robe on the social media platform, with a header “Is this Islamic republic of Pakistan?” With his tweet, the twitter user had aimed his arrow at the choice of clothing the stars and actors are promoting that goes against religious standards. Hence, many haters immediately stepped in, degrading the starlet.

However, there were few who defended Saba Qamar, with their sarcastic replies.

Owing to her insuperable and flawless acting skills, Saba has embraced a highest rank among the topnotch acting queens of Pakistan. Nonetheless, this year has been a little unfortunate for the Lahore Se Agay actress, as she faces one after another public arguments and criticism. 

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Few days to final wrap of Qubool song’s dispute and the Cheekh actress is in hot water yet again. But, Saba is a versatile and somberly dignified actress who doesn’t let negativity and hate speech contract her road to success and accomplishments, as she cherry-picks silence in such matters. Likewise, Saba overlooked public reactions this time as well and continued to slay as we can see from her latest post on Instagram.

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