Saba Qamar launching her own YouTube Channel

The popular TV and film actress Saba Qamar is about to launch her own YouTube channel according to a tweet she made earlier and also confirmed the new to Dawn Images.

Saba Qamar YouTube
Saba Qamar is launching her own YouTube Channel.

The Bhaagi actress made a tweet where she wrote: “I’m bringing you guys something very exciting and worth the wait.” and included #YouTube at the end of the tweet.

According to Dawn Images, Saba Qamar confirmed the news and told them that she had given this a great amount of thought and it wasn’t just because of the isolation and lockdown.

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The Cheekh actress now wants to showcase her talent and express herself in through a new medium and including producing and creating her own content as well as working with other talents and YouTube gives her that creative freedom.

Saba Qamar went on to tell Dawn Images that her uploads on YouTube will include content based on liefstyle, beauty, health interviews and even tutorials although she did not mention what kind.

The actress has worked in showbiz for a long time now and have been part of projects involving drama serials, films and even made her debut in Bollywood and now wants to express herself on her own terms and YouTube offers her just the platform.

Recently, Feroze Khan also announced his YouTube channel just a day before Saba and Hira Mani did the same last month so it seems like many Pakistani celebrities are now turning to YouTube.

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