Sarah Khan trolled after edited anti-rape campaign poster goes viral

Pakistani star Sarah Khan has been the target of internet trolls after a photoshopped version of a poster she held at an anti-rape campaign goes viral on social media.

Sarah Khan, Sarah Khan Poster
Sarah Khan trolled after edited anti-rape campaign poster goes viral

The large, black poster handled by the stunning and prestigious actress Sarah Khan had been recently circulating all over the internet, as it reflects discourteous and bawdy titles, drawing attention towards the starlet.

However, little do the audience know, the original poster presented by the actress at the anti-rapist campaign was photoshopped by the haters into the smutty and crude one, making it an internet troll.

The original poster reads: “Real Men Don’t Rape.”

Sarah Khan, Sarah Khan Poster
The original poster reads: “Real Men Don’t Rape.”

Here’s the real poster from another angle just for confirmation.

Sarah Khan, Sarah Khan Poster
Sarah Khan holding “Real men don’t rape” poster.

Additionally, here’s the edited version of the classical artwork, held by Sarah Khan which reads, “Real Men Don’t Rape, They Masturbate”.

Sarah Khan, Sarah Khan Poster
Fake and edited poster going viral on social media.

Recent Lahore motorway gang rape incident burst forth the women population from all over the country, as they demanded justice for the poor mother-victim. Many online as well as street campaigns were initiated, commanding secure status for the females and children of Pakistan. The on-street protests were held at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and claimed the following:

  • An end to violence,
  • Government interference to ensure justice,
  • removal of Lahore Capital Police Officer (CCPO) Umer Sheikh who blamed the victim,
  • Structural and procedural reforms in the law,
  • Effective investigation,
  • Protection of transgender,
  • Ban on two-finger test for rape,
  • Increase in women’s educating and safety budgets,
  • Introduction of gender sensitive curricula.

Huge crowds were assembled at the given dates, making the protest a big success. Here are some banners from the motorway incident march,

Sarah Khan and other celebrities joined the cause

Among the huge community of womenfolk were some renowned and much acclaimed Pakistani starlets who broke silence and united with the common females, to battle the escalating sexual assaults and physical harassments. Many popular showbiz figures like Sajaly Aly, Sarah Khan, Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz, Hareem Farrooq to name a few also voiced out their parts over the saddening incident.

Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Sara Khan

Besides posting on social media, celebrities like Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar and Sarah Khan etc. joined the anti-rape campaign supporting the grounds. Also, these brave actresses were spotted holding contrasting prints and posters at the assembly.

However, as the honorable movement was prearranged by the feminist group of Pakistan, the similar one that arranges the much criticized ‘aurat march’, the anti-rape protest also received immense backlash, owing a great part to the posters highlighted. Degrading the cause of the movement, many social media trolls and memes surfaced, humiliating the common participants and showbiz stars, Sarah Khan to be precise.

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Likewise, the high-spirited and courageous Sarah Khan also became the target of the obnoxious trolls revolving the movement, as some viewers laid out prodigious ranks of cheapness by editing the decent poster held by Sara Khan into the salacious an offensive one.  Soon after the edited poster came into public eye, people make use of it as an object of dirty jokes and memes on various social platforms. Here are some responses on twitter.

To conclude, in Pakistan, issues like sexual assaults, gang rapes, public harassments and women and children exploitations are mounting each passing day. These topics demand our grave seriousness and forceful protests for their termination and such cruelty and degrading responses are completely unacceptable.

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