Strings musical expedition comes to an end after 33 years

Critically acclaimed and universally renowned Pakistani rock band, ‘the Strings’ marks the end of a musical era, as the Bilal Maqsood and Faisal’s duo announced to part ways after more than three decades of togetherness, leaving the whole population deeply heartbroken. And, although citizens are wounded over the sudden, astounding announcement, they are forever grateful to the band for their major contributions to Pakistani music. Hence, Strings the band is the latest trend all over the internet.

Strings musical expedition comes to an end after 33 years

Two bosom buddies membered ‘Strings’ was not just a musical band to Pakistanis. Rather, it was a whole music universe, being the most significant piece of childhood.

‘Strings’ was formed by four Karachi based, college students, vocalist and guitarist Bilal Maqsood, vocalist Faisal Kapadia, synthesizer Rafiq Wazir Ali and bass guitarist Kareem Bashir Bhoy in 1988. The quartet was the originator of pop music in Pakistan, and hence garnered immense accolades initially.


However, in 1992, the group of four youngsters disbanded, only to make a comeback with Maqsood and Kapadia in 2000. And, ever since, the duo had been unstoppable with their stage rocking, heart-soothing, pleasing to ear melodies.


Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood shared an invincible bond of vocals and the twosome was enough to set both national and International stages on fire. Even though ‘Strings’ faced crucial ups and downs during its journey, the pair stood like rock shoulder to shoulder, overcoming each obstacle together. It was Bilal and Faisal’s mesmerizing connection and chemistry that made Strings survive for 33 incredible years.   


Strings have contributed majorly to Pakistan’s song industry and had played a chief role in adding international fame and recognition to the country’s music. It is therefore the reason, Strings is the only Pakistani band that has admirers from all over the globe, including major population of die-hard devotees from neighboring country India.  Some of Strings exclusively celebrated masterpieces are, Sar Kiye Ye Pahaar, Duur, Dhaani, Aakhri Alvida, Hai Koi Ham Jaisa, Main To Dekhunga, Sajni and Najane Kyun to name a few.

Strings disband after decades

The gem of singers Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood, on March 5th 2021, has officially parted ways, marking the end of the splendid musical journey of Strings. The heart-aching announcement was put forward on the Strings’ official instagram handle, where the duo had penned an emotional, heartfelt note, thanking their fans for making it last this long.

The pronouncement that has the whole Pakistan in tears, reads,

 “This post is a bit different from the usual. We have decided that today, 25/03/2021, is the day we graciously get to conclude Strings. The past 33 years have been incredible for both of us. It’s so rare to have the chance to be able to do things like this and we are infinitely grateful to all of our fans for making it possible. We hope you found it worthwhile as well. While the band technically may not be together anymore, both of us share an inseparable bond that will connect us no matter where life takes us. Thank you so much for everything.”

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Twitter Reactions

Music lovers from all over the world are definitely not happy with the sudden bombshell of its conclusion dropped by the band. Hence, the ‘Strings’ is all over the internet, as their fans and admirers though disheartened, thanks the duo for their incredible musical era.

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