TikToker Ali Khan bashed for making fun of a girl on a live session

TikToker Ali Khan is being bashed for making fun of a girl on a live session. He is heard saying Kali Larki to a girl. He is shamelessly heard laughing and making fun of a beautiful girl for her skin color.

The TikToker Ali Khan Hyderabadi is seen with another young boy, who apparently under his influence seems not to have any manners or respect for a girl. Both are seen enjoying laughing.

Apparently many like him who get easy fame lose their heads and forget their place and respect for others. While the world is fighting against racism, the likes of him keep showing their true colors.

What is more heartbreaking is he is training another little boy to be racist and how not to respect other people. The boy is laughing and Ali Khan encourages and laughs along with him.

Unfortunately just the glimpse of the video call show the girls is innocent and has a beautiful soul.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi however is facing lot of criticism from social media for his act.

TikToker Ali Khan bashed for abusing a girl

The netizens are calling his act immoral, and people can clearly see that the girl is beautiful.

Some one reacted on social media and said “So Ali Khan, the TikToker made fun of a girl on video chat. This is what happens when you make such shitcunts famous, it’s 2020 and people still care about skin color. Disgusting.”

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TikToker Ali Khan bashed for making fun of a girl

The educated and people with good heart know that every skin color is beautiful. His shameful act is totally unacceptable and Ali Khan should apologize publicly for his racist act.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi who gained instant fame and has over 6 million fans following faces backlashes for his insensitive act, however, he is saying there is more to it and he will clear the reality behind it. He has asked his fans to stay calm and give him some space.

He has also shared another video of the same girl she is heard saying that Ali has apologized to her and he respects women. She is also heard saying that she has a skin problem since she was a child, and the little boy got scared.

Well is the boy was scared he would have screamed not laughed. Whatever the reason as a grown-up he should have controlled the boy right on the spot to set an example, but he decided to laugh along.

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