Top 5 Netflix Alternatives you need to check out

If you’re getting tired of Netflix and looking for other options, there are other successful Netflix alternatives. These entertainment platforms provide you with best TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more and are surfacing quickly.

Top 5 Netflix Alternatives you need to check out.

Netflix might be one of the best entertainment platforms; however there are certain titles that are not available on this world famous site. For such contents, there are a number of Netflix alternatives, containing limitless titles. Cherry on top, some of these sites are even free or costs less than Netflix subscription.

List of Top 5 Netflix Alternatives

1. Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is the top Netflix alternative site. The platform provides huge majority of series and movies, from nearly all type of genre. Likewise Netflix, the Prime also offers paid membership however the subscription charges are much lesser than Netflix. Its packages start from as low as 430 PKR to as high as 930 PKR.

Amazon Prime

Some of the famous series of Amazon Prime Video includes:

Additionally, Amazon Prime also offers download services, so you can also enjoy offline streaming experience.

2. HBO Max

Online platform HBO max is another one of Netflix alternatives. This streaming service is surfacing spontaneously around the world, giving a competition to Netflix.

HBO Max.

HBO max is a latest American streaming service, launched on May 2020 by AT&T’s Warner media. This site contains bundles of all HBO together, including many of our favorite TV show and movies. HBO max is also working on its original series, bringing out the best for its users. So, HBO max is a successful one of Netflix alternative sites, hence should be tried once. Moreover, the subscription charges for HBO max are slightly higher than its rivals. That is $14.99.

Also, the subscribers of HBO has free of cost excess to HBO Max.

Some of the renowned series of Max are:

Furthermore, HBO max also includes globally famous sitcoms like FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few.

3. Hulu:

Another of Netflix alternative sites Hulu is also making its way to the top streaming sites. The subscription charges of Hulu are $5.99, much lower than Netflix. However, this package contains ads. The advertisement free version is also available but charges $11.99 per month.


This entertainment forum is controlled and owned by Walt Disney and is improving each passing day. Hulu has huge collection of new and old TV shows and movies, some of the popular ones include:

 Hulu is a home to bundles of series and movies; however it is slightly behind its rivals like ‘Netflix’ and ‘amazon prime’ when it comes to original series. Some of the famed Hulu originals are:

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4. Disney Plus:

Disney plus is in demand streaming platform owned by the owners and directors of Walt Disney Company. Disney plus offers the classical series and movies in much lower charges. In $6.99, this platform offers ad-free access to thousands of TV shows and movies, including programs from Star wars, Pixar, Disney, National Geographic and 20th Century Fox.

Disney Plus.

Some of the famous shows on this one of Netflix alternative sites are:

Other than that, all of must watch Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies are also available on Disney plus.

5. Britbox:

One of the British Netflix Alternatives is Britbox is a whole barrel of British dramas, movies and everything you require to binge on. With the subscription charges of $6.99, this platform includes a massive collection of comedy, detective, sci-fi and all other genre series.


Also, Britbox offers whole different content than Netflix and none of Britbox titles are available on Netflix.

Some of the famous Britbox shows include:

To conclude, Netflix is a world famous streaming service, nevertheless the above mentioned Netflix alternatives have the entertainment platform under-pressure with their iconic TV shows. More and more sites are emerging with lower subscription charges nevertheless Netflix still remains on top.

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