Turkish Man Flies Off With Umbrella In Heavy Winds

TURKEY: Security Camera Footage has gone viral that show a Turkish Man flies off with a canopy umbrella in heavy winds.

A man is seen flying off with a very strong winds in the Southern part of Turkey.

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He tries to stop the umbrella from flying away by stepping on it but is seen taking along it at a market in the town of Kadiril.

The man is now being dubbed as a “Turkey’s First Astronaut” (or “AstroNOT”) .

Worker Sadik Kocadalli tried to stop the umbrella from flying off with the help of his three friends. But he is seen being lifted off the ground several feet high while he is still holding on to the stand of the umbrella.

Sadik Kocadalli said they were working when the wind picked up. When the wind started to get much stronger he noticed the umbrella moving.

He tried save the umbrella from flying off and stepped on it. As he stepped on it, it lifted off the ground.

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Sadik also said the umbrella flew up three to four meters. He jumped down as soon as he realized his weight was not enough to hold it to the ground he jumped off. Thankfully Sadik is unhurt.

He went on to say the umbrella flew off and hit a poll and then fell back down to the ground.

Turkish press agency Anadolu released the CCTV footage and since than it has been going viral. Social media is now full of response from the Turks and is flooded with memes.

One has tweeted with a hashtag, calling Kocadalli “Turkey Space Agency’s first #AstroNOT”.

Another tweeted

Two teas reached the lunar surface of the spacecraft and crew named an Oralet, the Turkish-made umbrella spacecraft that was sent Yesterday at noon without any driving force reached the moon.

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