Uzma Khan Case Update – Huma Khan says accused are innocent

LAHORE: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the case filed by Uzma Khan against the daughters of Pakistani business Tycoon Malik Riaz and now, the sister of the actress has released a statement saying that all the events that occurred were due to a misunderstanding and asked for the court to cancel the case.

Uzma Khan case Huma Khan
Huma Khan says that accused are innocent and her sister Uzma Khan filed FIR due to misunderstanding.

There were reports that a settlement has been made between the two parties according to Khadija Siddiqi who was serving as the lawyer to Uzma Khan on the matter and announced today that she will be withdrawing from the case because of an apparent settlement.

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Now a statement has been released by Huma Khan before the Judicial Magistrate Nauman Nasir where she said that the accused party is innocent saying:

Accused party has not made any torture upon me. I sustained injuries due to fallen glass from table. The accused persons nominated in the FIR are innocent.

She continued saying:

My sister namely Uzma Khan registered the FIR due to a misunderstanding. Therefore, the same may be very kindly cancelled.

Uzma Khan case Huma Khan
Huma Khan statement.

Earlier Malik Riaz and his legal counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique revealed that a defamation lawsuit had been filed against one of Uzma’s lawyers.

The lawsuit was filed against Barrister Hassan Niazi for defaming the the business mogul Malik Riaz demanding Rs. 5 billion in damages.

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