VELO Sound Station Drops First Episode on YouTube

British American Tabacco (BAT) has launched the VELO Sound Station in Pakistan revolving around ‘pop-culture’ theme similar to Coke Studio but with a live audience this time.

VELO Sound Station Drops First Episode on YouTube.

VELO Sound Station just dropped their first episode on 20th November and the songs that were released are now available on their Official YouTube Channel and major streaming applications as the show will not be broadcasted on live television.

The platform has ensemble an all-star pop lords and vocalists for the series, performing live in front of huge crowds. Moreover, the forum will also present some of the leading musical bands of Pakistan throughout the season, therefore attracting a vast majority of youth audience.

The first episode of VELO Sound Station included Atif Aslam, Natasha Noorani and Umair Jaswal and these performance mostly received positive reactions on social media.

Atif Aslam performs ‘Kadi Te Hans’

Natasha Noorani performs ‘Baby Baby’

Umair Jaswal performs ‘Gagar’

Twitter Reactions

Many people enjoyed these performances especially by Atif Aslam.


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