Video message of Meera on coronavirus awareness

With coronavirus creating panic across the world many celebrities have started creating awareness in their own way. Meera has also joined the race by sharing a video message on to create public awareness.

The Pakistani actress is more known for her bizarre and hilarious video, finally came out to share her views on coronavirus.

In her video message, she has emphasized on halal eating and proper hygiene practices to prevent the coronavirus outbreak.

She also informed that the virus emerged from China. However, her information lags little behind when she says the coronavirus is going to become a pandemic.

WHO had declared coronavirus a pandemic on 11 March.

Video message of Meera on coronavirus

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Coronavirus is a virus that has gone to become a pandemic across the world.

The cause of this is behind the lack of hygiene practices in the wet market across China.

A solution to this would be halal eating and sanitation which would prevent this kind of behavior

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Reaction on social media

The netizens have already started reacting to her video message. Some appreciate her effort while others are just being what they are best at, criticize.

It’s the thought that counts behind her message. She has played her part by giving a valuable message. Take care of your hygiene and know what you are eating.

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