Waqar Zaka hits back at Jannat Mirza for calling him a hypocrite

Pakistani television host Waqar Zaka has responded to TikTok star Jannat Mirza for calling him a hypocrite after he made some offensive comments regarding TikTokers during one of his video reactions on YouTube.

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Waqar Zaka responds to Jannat Mirza for calling him a hypocrite.

The VJ turned TV host is regularly making reactions to TikTok videos since the application was banned in Pakistan and passed some hurtful comments towards the user base of the Chinese application.

However, Jannat Mirza, the most followed TikToker in Pakistan, did not stay silent over the offensive remarks and ended up responding to Waqar Zaka calling him a hypocrite while highlighting some of his older live sessions that were inappropriate.

The TikTok star also criticized our television host for showing off his philanthropic efforts just for the sake of views and rating and nothing more. She even claimed to be involved in relief efforts herself while keeping them a secret.

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Jannat Mirza should have known who she was picking a fight with as Waqar Zaka hit her back hard completely destroying the TikTok star for making such claims while pointing towards teachings of Islam which state that acts of kindness should be promoted as encouragement.

Furthermore, he threatened to have her Instagram account blocked while boasting about his huge following and even challenged the TikToker to stand in the upcoming elections to see the outcome.

Here is the entire video:

In his video, Waqar Zaka also bashed TikToker Ali Khan for calling one of his fans “Kaali” during a live session for her contact information and offered to pay for her skin treatement.

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