Watch Tongue Tricks of Chinese Girl Tu Tu

China: Her name is Tu Tu. She belongs to China, Shenyang City in Liaoning Province. Watch Tongue tricks of Chinese girl Tu Tu in her video.

She can be seen showing off her long tongue. Not only that she can perform some bizarre tricks with her tongue.

She seems to have not just a long tongue but a very strong tongue as well. Due to the length of her tongue she is able to perform various tongue tricks.

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She can balance and hold objects on her tongue.

In the video she can be seen holding a glass filled with water on her tongue.

She is also able to hold an orange on her tongue.

She is also seen balancing a glass filled with Pepsi or Coca Cola on her tongue.

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She also has the ability to stretch up her tongue all the way to her nose. She can touch her nose with her tongue.

Watch Her Bizarre Video of Tongue Tricks here:

  Here is one more video of balance, strength and flexibility of tongue.

Balancing Objects on Tongue

These tricks are safe, can be tried and practiced at home. All you need is an exceptionally long tongue.

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