Woman tries to eat octopus alive, gets attacked back

CHINA: Chinese woman tries to eat an octopus alive but gets attacked back.

The fifty second video has gone viral and many are mocking the blogger for the bizarre stunt.

The stunt of eating the octopus alive was carried out by a blogger known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’.

The stunt was shared on short-video platform Kuaishou.

Revenge of An Octopus

The woman is seen horrified as the creature attacks and tries to suck her face in an attempt of revenge.

The woman tried to eat the octopus alive and ended up horrified and in pain.

The woman is seen screaming and yelling in pain while trying to pull it off her face.  

The stunt starts with woman giggling but ends with screams of pain and fear.

The woman is heard saying  ‘look how hard it’s sucking’,  and tried to pull off the eight armed creature off her upper lips.

With in seconds the half her face is covered by eight tentacles.

She starts screaming as soon as she realizes the situation is no longer in her control.

The woman goes on pulling it off and crying and says ‘It is painful and I can not remove it’.

Her face is also distorted as she attempts to pull of the creature off her cheek.

After a little painful struggles she manages to pull the it off her face.

She also says  ‘My face is disfigured’.

She was left with some bloody wounds from the powerful suckling of the octopus.

According to statistics, a mature giant Pacific Octopus has

  • Some 280 suckers on each arm,
  • Each sucker contains thousands of chemical receptors

Many are mocking her stunts and saying it’s an instant karma

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A vlogger tried to eat a live octopus and got exactly what she deserved

Woman Tries to Eat Live Octopus, it Tries to Eat Her Back

Vloggers in the US eat burgers.
Vloggers in China eat live octopus.


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A streamer gets attacked by a live octopus she tried to eat. Don’t play with your food.

Some one called it dumb.

I dont get it. why do people eat live octopus? It’s dumb.

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