Pakistani model Zara Abid was amongst passengers of PIA Flight PK8303

Pakistani model Zara Abid was among the passengers of the ill fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8303 that crashed at Karachi’s Model Colony minutes before landing at Jinnah International Airport.

Zara Abid
Pakistan model Zara Abid was among the passengers of ill fated PIA Flight PK-8303.

The PIA Flight PK-8303 was carrying 103 people that included 91 passengers and 12 crew members among which was Pakistani model Zara Abid. However, there are currently no confirmed reports whether she has passed away or survived the tragic accident. Although her name is present on the passenger list that has been released.

Zara Abid

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The news regarding whether the Pakistan model survived the plane crash is all over the place as many sources are saying she passed away while others are saying that she survived with injuries.

#PlaneCrash #ZaraAbid
#PlaneCrash #ZaraAbid
#PlaneCrash #ZaraAbid
#PlaneCrash #ZaraAbid

Earlier fake reports were circulating about Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor being on the flight which were later debunked by the couple who tweeted about it on their social media.

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