TikTok star Zoi Hashmi Leaked Video Goes Viral

Pakistani TikTok star Zoi Hashmi leaked video has gone viral on social media, making her one of the latest influencers to be involved in such an incident.

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TikTok star Zoi Hashmi Leaked Video Goes Viral.

Zoi Hashmi is allegedly being raped in the leaked video which has gone viral on social media and it has sparked outrage among social media users who are demanding justice for the TikTok star and the rapist to be caught and punished accordingly.

The Pakistani TikToker Zoii Hashmi had over 4 million followers on the short video-sharing app, however, her account on the social media platform is no longer available following the leaked video incident.

It is pertinent to mention that the TikTok star herself has not responded to the matter and it might not even be her in the video as fake videos have gone viral on social media before.

Source: Zoii Hashmi Instagram
Source: Zoii Hashmi Instagram

Fans demand justice for Zoi Hashmi

Many have taken to Twitter and expressed concern of the viral leaked video of the TikTok star making rounds on social media and demand justice for Zoi Hashmi and the culprit to be arrested and punished accordingly.

TikToker falling victim to leaked video scandals

Zoii Hashmi is not the first TikTok star to become of victim of a leaked video scandal after having an indecent clip going viral on social media. Most of the times, the said videos happened to be fake and doctored according to these TikTokers.

Some of these TikTok stars include, Nadeem Mubarak aka Nadeem Nani Wala, Jannat Mirza, Minahil Malik, Malika Cheema, Sehar Mirza, Romaisa Khan and more recently Aiman Zaman.

However, this case is much different as it shows TikToker Zoi Hashmi being allegedly raped on video and authorities should take notice of the incident especially after the video acts as evidence to the crime.

Even if the person in the video is someone else as it has happened several times before with other TikTok stars, the girl in the clip still deserves justice and the culprit needs to be caught before he commits such a heinous crime again.

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