Zoya Nasir gets criticized over revealing Halloween costume

The enthralling Pakistani actress and beautician Zoya Nasir, who has the audience captivated with her astounding acting skills in drama serial Zebaaish, has fallen the recent target of Pakistanis’ condemnation and social criticism, owing to her revealing Halloween outfit. The actress was spotted in a skimpy costume together with her boyfriend Christian Betzmann, therefore hitting the nerve of Pakistani critics and plaster saints.

Zoya Nasir
Zoya Nasir gets criticized over revealing Halloween costume

Zoya Nasir scorned over revealing outfit   

2020 has been a tough and gloomy year for every individual and the festivities and carnivals are what make it worth tolerating. Hence, adding some extra merriment like Halloween to the lackluster October schedule seemed like a wise choice to many Pakistanis, as they blended in with the eerie Halloween atmosphere.

Among many showbiz celebrities who came forward with some unique attires was the emerging starlet Zoya Nasir, as she whole heartedly dolled up for the occasion, accompanied by her date Christian Betzmann. However, as Pakistanis are known to pour scorn on every other female celebrity who doesn’t qualify their standards of decency, the unfortunate Zoya Nasir also ended to be an open target of audience brutality and hate speech, as they censured her costume and personal life choices.

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Christian Betzmann, who is a German traveller blogger and a boyfriend to Pakistani drama actress Zoya Nasir, uploaded a portrait on his Instagram profile, sharing the couple’s Halloween look with the followers.

The two gave out the major couple goals, however Zoya’s outfit was a little figure-hugging and revealing, hence the followers wasted no time as they hopped into the comment section, criticizing the actress for celebrating Halloween and adopting such indecent outfit.

When some adored the duo for their mesmerizing makeovers, the others fired religious perspectives about Halloween, denunciating the actress over embracing western cultural norms.

Christian Betzmann replied

As the loathsome comments began to pile up under Zoya Nasir and Betzmann’s portrait, the international blogger finally decided to shush the haters, putting an end to the intensifying negativity. “For all religious opinions make sure to mention your concerns in your next prayers – HATE COMMENTS WILL BE BLOCKED!”– Came from Chris Betzmann.

Zoya Nasir

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