Corona Bridal Mask is a new wedding trend in Pakistan

Corona Bridal Mask is a new wedding trend in Pakistan, raising through the fears of coronavirus outbreak.

On an annual mass wedding held in the Philippines on February 20, 2020, more than 200 couples were seen kissing through the mask.

With such a panic situation throughout the world where many events and planes are being cancelled, but not the weddings.

The government has cancelled all the social gatherings, locked down the cities but the weddings must go on.

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The fashion industry has taken this crisis as a business opportunity and has introduced the corona bridal mask. The world is facing a shortage of many things, the facial masks being one of them.

The tailors and the fashion houses have come up with the idea of bridal mask and are available a quite a heavy price.

With the increase in the spread of coronavirus, the demand for bridal masks has increased. These masks are prized as high as PKR 4,000/-. They take two to four days to complete one mask.

These are not ordinary masks, they are fully embroidered with special fabric.

Annual mass wedding held in the Philippines

Bridal Mask is criticised on social media

The Corona Bridal Mask, however, faces lot of criticism on social media. Some find it ridiculous and ignorant.

Some find it weird as to why can’t people hold on their weddings.

Some are wondered and went on to say “So no concept of social distancing then?”

Every problem has a solution and an opportunist make a profit out of every problem.

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