Nishat Linen Embroidery Cotton Suits Review

Nishat Linen belongs to the Nishat Group that was founded by Mian Muhammed Mansha. Nishat is one of the largest business houses in the country, with interests in many different segments of the market. A conglomerate that has one of the most integrated textile companies. It has one of the most diversified lines of any textile brand. They sell apparel, bed linens, upholstery and more. With designs that are understated and individualistic.

Nishat Linen Cotton Suits Embroidery
Nishat Linen Cotton Suits Embroidery Review.

Among their range of attire, they have a section specifically for men. Named ‘Naqsh’, a word that in mean is close to art, inscription or embossment. In line with that their clothes for men are stylish. Nishat Linen Men collection of 2 piece stitched and unstitched cloth, that is either lattha or cotton. There are some that have a small motif embroidered over it in a repetitive pattern, adding a little flair to one’s clothes. The embroidery is done in a subtle pattern so it doesn’t come off as tacky for men. A lot of times men prefer to wear more plain clothes, unless it is a wedding.

The colour options are numerous, with masculine muted colours. The classic option for white and black are there; after which there are a few different shades of grey, khaki and blue. The fabric quality is at par with anything available internationally. Pakistan is generally known for its quality of cotton, Nishat Linen being one of the top brands has some of the most quality raw material being used by their textile mills.

Woven into high-grade rolls of cloth that are then dyed to create all the colour options which are available to buy. The dyeing is also done well, with an even colour that is well set and would last a long time if cared for well. Generally, it is a good idea to dry dyed clothes in the shade as direct sunlight can make the colours fade. Many people also opt for a white shalwar under a coloured kurta, this contrast works well. A tried and tested matching that is often seen at weddings.

Their own range has options for band collars mostly, as that is a common style for kurtas. Also as it seems more suited to the kurta style. The cuffs with their kurtas are just hemmed, without and buckram to stiffen them. The loose and airy style has remained with kurtas in the region. A kameez is the style variation that tends to have cuffs similar to a shirt, with the buckram to make a stiff band. With a kameez they also make pointy collars. Aside from the stitched shalwar kurtas and shalwar kameez, one could opt for many different designs to have stitched once they buy the fabric. Nishat Linen’s quality and the right kind of stitching would make one’s look stylish enough for any occasion. As one of the top brands their competition in this segment is limited to a few others, such as Junaid Jamshed, Amir Adnan and Khaadi.

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